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  • verb

Synonyms for blanch

turn pale



Synonyms for blanch

to lose normal coloration; turn pale

Synonyms for blanch

turn pale, as if in fear

cook (vegetables) briefly

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Carbohydrate changes occurred between dry dehulled versus wet dehulled samples and blanching in bicarbonate soda [8,22].
In terms of the ash content, although there were no significant differences observed, the addition of sodium bicarbonate in the blanching water resulted in a slight increase in ash content.
While the sugars are converted into other substances, the amino acids, minerals and vitamins remain in the blanching water.
The company's process technologists and the process engineers from parent firm Cosun Food Technology Centre have succeeded in finding a solution to the problem of converting the sugars in the blanching water into another natural substance.
The lower drying rates for UB samples compared to the other blanching pretreatment methods showed that the blanching operation generally increased the drying rate.
The lower drying rate for oil and water blanching methods when compared to steam and water blanching is probably due to the fact that the presence of palm or groundnut oil in the blanching mixture for PB and GB samples resulted in a type of coating of the surface by wax-like oil.
The slightly lower activation energy of pretreated pepper compared to untreated pepper is an indication that less energy is used during the drying of all the bell pepper samples subjected to blanching pretreatment when compared with drying of untreated pepper.
The blanching pretreatment increased the drying rates for pepper samples.
001) linear relationship between blanching time and drained weight of the canned green pepper and that drained weight decreased with increasing blanching time (Figure 2).
Also, the combined influence of blanching time and the concentration of the sodium salt yielded a curvilinear plot which also showed a similar trend as observed between blanching and processing time.
The interaction between blanching time and sodium metabisulphite concentration also had a significant (p=0.
The response surface plot (Figure 3) showed the linear influence of all the factors on pH of the canned green pepper with the exception of blanching time.
Investigations were carried out to study the effects of selected blanching treatments on the quality of carrots over a temperature range of 80 C to 100 C.
I did half of them after blanching and the other half I merely sliced, put in bags, and froze.
USDA-ARS scientists and colleagues at the University of California used apple slices to help them better understand the performance of a simultaneous IR dry blanching and dehydration (IRDBD) process.