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  • verb

Synonyms for blanch

turn pale



Synonyms for blanch

to lose normal coloration; turn pale

Synonyms for blanch

turn pale, as if in fear

cook (vegetables) briefly

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CS2 De Perio and Chef Blancher, along with the other 10 teams, had 30 minutes to prepare a dish using any ingredients they wanted, with the only required ingredient being at least one of Louisiana's crab, oysters, shrimp, fish or crawfish.
There he stumbled on the gravesite of his great-great-grandfather William Blancher.
We also thank Don Blancher and Susan Sklenar of TAI Strand, who helped greatly in project design and implementation.
Blancher describes communities that are inavouable in the sense of being secret, hidden, shameful, but also in the sense of being incompatible with the "felicitous" public speech acts.
While I'm cutting those vegetables, I have the blancher going for tomatoes.
This new acquisition represents a great opportunity for us to secure good assets at a fair price," says Suzanne Blancher, president and CEO of Cascades' Tissue Group.
In a blancher (a large pot with removable basket), boil one gallon of water for each pound of prepared vegetables.
In his letter, Blancher hardly conceals his admiration for the effect produced by a speech given at the rally by Patriote leader Louis-Joseph Papineau, and he warns of the unity of the 3,000 French Canadians in attendance, all prepared to wield arms against the British.
Doctor Blancher did favor more government intervention in the schooling of deaf children with regular visits from government officials who would monitor this "mainstreaming system.
The 358 class members include Ian Adair, Nathaniel Adams, Jacob Albertini, Justin Albertini, Jordan Alexander, Tyler Alger, Korben Almeida, Jonathan Bailey, Morgan Bailey, Yashaswi Bajracharya, Bryson Baker, Dusty Baker, Julia Baker, Amira Barakat, Shelby Bartram, Joshua Baxter, Tyler Bean, Anna Beckstrand, David Bellamy, Isabella Betts, Joelle Biehl, Shea Binder, Lainey Blancher, Cody Blankenship, Ty Boespflug, Tyler Bone, Isaac Bothman, Meredith Bothman, Brittany Bowker, Brandon Brancato, Samuel Braziel, Tristan Bredeweg, Emily Breding, Alexander Brennan, Moira Briggs, Madeline Brigham, McKenna Britton-Wood, Nicole Brodigan-Neustel, David Brody, Jaira Brooks, Christian Brucken, Cole Bruns, Joshua Bunch, Megan Burch, Nicholas Burgess, Shane Butler, Justin Byrd,
The Cornell Hot Oil pump serves two purposes: Moving thermal fluid into a heat exchanger on the fryer containing five tonnes of sunflower oil in which the crisps are cooked; and feeding thermal fluid into the heat exchanger on the blancher.
You can get smoke detectors that will shake the bed and wake you up,'' she reassured Helen Blancher, who has difficulty hearing.
In the plant's dried plum processing operation, the temperature logger is fed through a steam blancher with the fruit on a continuous-feed system, where it monitors peak temperatures for 15-30 minute intervals, depending on the characteristics of the raw plums.
Peter Blancher of Bird Studies Canada, the Boreal is the breeding grounds of up to five billion land birds each year; for several species including species such as the Palm Warbler, Tennessee Warbler, Black-backed Woodpecker, Connecticut Warbler, and Northern Shrike, over 90 per cent of their global population breed in the Canadian boreal forest.