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Synonyms for blanched

anemic looking from illness or emotion

(especially of plants) developed without chlorophyll by being deprived of light

References in classic literature ?
For men whose lips are blanched and white, With aching wounds and torturing thirst, What charm in canvas shot with light, And pale with faces cleft and curst, Past life and life's delight?
Had they glanced at the old man during this colloquy they would have seen a blanched face, drawn with inward fear and rage.
From cellar to attic the horrid sound searched out the servants, and left them blanched and trembling.
His heart seemed to stop beating, his cheeks were blanched.
His face for a moment was blanched, his lips opened but closed again without speech.
Anne, her pale face blanched with its baptism of pain, her eyes aglow with the holy passion of motherhood, did not need to be told to think of her baby.
She let me hold it for a moment, and I saw a flash of ecstatic brilliance in her eye, a glow of glad excitement on her face - I thought my hour of victory was come - but instantly a painful recollection seemed to flash upon her; a cloud of anguish darkened her brow, a marble paleness blanched her cheek and lip; there seemed a moment of inward conflict, and, with a sudden effort, she withdrew her hand, and retreated a step or two back.
And this last vision has such plastic relief, such nearness of form, such a fidelity of suggestive detail, that it wrung from Mrs Verloc an anguished and faint murmur, reproducing the supreme illusion of her life, an appalled murmur that died out on her blanched lips.
Her cheeks were blanched, her lips ashy, her immobility amazing.
It were better for you, John Ferrier," he thundered, "that you and she were now lying blanched skeletons upon the Sierra Blanco, than that you should put your weak wills against the orders of the Holy Four
Both these plants are hungry, so give them plenty of organic material and you will get the best flavour - blanched or not.
Add in the blanched leeks, carrots Add in the blanched leeks, carrots and spring onions, cover and bring and spring onions, cover and bring Add in the blanched leeks, carrots and spring onions, cover and bring Simmer the vegetables for 2 minutes, then add in the peas and simmer for 1 minute.
The sample was then divided into three portions; one portion was blanched for 30 seconds, the second was blanched for 1 min while the third was unblanched (0 min).
Stuffed chicken with brie & broccoli (for 1) INGREDIENTS: 1 chicken breast, fillet separated, both pieces flattened out with a meat mallet or rolling pin; 1tbsp good quality olive oil; 50g/13/4oz brie; 50g/13/4oz butter; 25g/1oz broccoli stem, blanched and thinly sliced; 2tbsp chopped or roughly torn fresh dill; 1/2 garlic clove, thinly sliced; 1/2 sweet potato, peeled, blanched and cut into thick wedges; 25g/1oz broccoli florets, lightly blanched; salt and freshly ground black pepper to season METHOD: Preheat oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6.
To minimize the potential for deterioration, fruits and vegetables are heat-treated or blanched to inactivate these enzymes.