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a white sauce of fat, broth, and vegetables (used especially with braised meat)

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Then when he had drunk up the bottle of petit vin blanc, she gave him her hand, and took him up to the drawing-room, and made him snug on the sofa by the fire, and let him talk as she listened with the tenderest kindly interest, sitting by him, and hemming a shirt for her dear little boy.
I discovered more distinctly the black sides of Jura, and the bright summit of Mont Blanc.
During this short voyage I saw the lightning playing on the summit of Mont Blanc in the most beautiful figures.
He was crossing the Rue Mont Blanc with every appearance of an aimless stroller.
On the Mont Blanc bridge, where a few dark figures seemed lost in the wide and long perspective defined by the lights, she said--
It was like this: I asked myself one day this question--what if Napoleon, for instance, had happened to be in my place, and if he had not had Toulon nor Egypt nor the passage of Mont Blanc to begin his career with, but instead of all those picturesque and monumental things, there had simply been some ridiculous old hag, a pawnbroker, who had to be murdered too to get money from her trunk (for his career, you understand).
9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Armand de Brignac Champagne announced the official launch of its newest prestige cuvee expression,Armand de Brignac Blanc de Noirs, which arrived in select cities of the world this week.
97) Fiddlehead Cellars 2013 Goosebury Sauvignon Blanc (California).
Blanc has been linked with the vacancy at Tottenham.
Address : Avenue andre vigneau anglade 33560 Carbon blanc
Malgre le soutien de plusieurs candidats a la presidentielle, le vote blanc, un moyen pour l'electeur d'exprimer le refus du choix qui lui est propose, n'est toujours pas reconnu en France.
Julien Blanc had been planning to hold seminars in the UK but has had his visa application turned down.
Julien Blanc, 26, was due to hold a PS1,200-a-head "boot camp" here next week but was denied a visa after 150,000 signed a petition.
Blanc is the infamous pickup artist whose advocacy is to teach men how to "make girls beg to sleep" with them "after short-circuiting their emotional and logical mind into a million reasons why they should.
THINK sauvignon blanc and you probably think of gooseberries, vibrant newly-mown grass, green peppers or passion fruit.