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a state of innocence

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In situations involving general blamelessness or purity--that is, in situations involving an innocent--there is something at work analogous to the vulnerable person's need imposing on others a special responsibility to be caring: the innocent's trust puts others under a special responsibility to be trustworthy.
The BSCB would be better issuing a stark message condemning Logina and Chana rather than encouraging Britain's PC culture of blamelessness.
182) An accused who succeeded in a trial by battle, or who emerged from carrying hot irons or touching hot stones in an ordeal without burns established his virtue and blamelessness "by the direct interposition of the Almighty.
Christine Pritchard's excellent portrayal of his wife Sybil's pompous and assured blamelessness is endorsed by their attitudes towards the maid, Edna (Janine Shearer) whose subtle, silent appearances in the background cleverly add to the mood of the play.
Palestinians maintain that Israelis generally have failed to come to grips with their responsibility for the Palestinians' six decades of dispossession and exile, though a new generation of Israeli historians has challenged their country's widely held narrative of blamelessness.
Asked about fatherhood over the years, he said: "I don't think I will ever be able to get over the fact that there is a little life there in front of me, staring at me with complete innocence and total angelic blamelessness.
Mel said: "It is different because I'm different but the thing that isn't different is that I don't think I'll ever be able to get over the fact that there is a little life there in front of me staring at you with complete innocence and a total angelic blamelessness.
For this reason, perhaps these individuals chose to take all kinds of precautions, from ensuring that they have evidence of their blamelessness, to liquidating in advance those who carried out those crimes.
Jesus' ruling thus effectively raises the legal standard for executing a death penalty to a humanly impossible level: legally justified killing demands complete blamelessness or sinless perfection, which belongs to God alone.
Citing sources that disparage a free-Palestine supporter while also presuming the blamelessness of the Zionist movement (all Jewish persons are not all Zionists) is like the pot calling the kettle black.
The Israeli is submerged in a self-notion of blamelessness, it is somehow always the other who carries the guilt and the fault.
The onset of Stage II invariably ignites great public enthusiasm as the people rally around their national leaders, "support the troops," and reflexively accept the tales they are told about the enemy's wickedness and their own nation's blamelessness and its well-grounded justification for sending its armed forces into combat.
2) It also must be observed how the word walking is divided into deeds and words and how he divides the expression blamelessness into righteousness and truth.
Even so, her defense of family, and in particular of the blamelessness of male-female kin relations, was not her own creation but formed part of a medieval tradition--rooted in late antiquity in which kinship bonds could be privileged as a legitimate context for contact between ascetic men and women.