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in an irreproachable and blameless manner

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The notion of a 'Chosen People' is blamelessly blasphemous
Innocent people thus voluntarily and blamelessly expose themselves to police scrutiny that many guilty people avoid.
For both, human imperfection makes it impossible to follow the law blamelessly.
If this is the underlying notion behind the No Gap Principle, provided the evidence gathered supports p, then one may blamelessly believe that p, which leaves idle the truth preserving condition in 'one ought to believe that p, if p'.
Luke insists, however, that Elizabeth and Zechariah are righteous, blamelessly keeping all the commandments (1:6).
The fate of Mr Baxter in A view from a hill is particularly unpleasant, but unlike some of James' antiquarians who bumble blamelessly into the path of evil he appears to have provoked it somewhat by delving into the dark arts.
Thinking thus, I will allay hunger without overeating, so that I may continue to live blamelessly and at ease.
Augustine's focus here is not on the greater good of friendship between spouses, but on the dangerous pleasure of sex and the strict conditions under which one might have sex blamelessly.
Obviously you would think it was the scandal-hit unit that would go and all the children needing heart surgery would be transferred over to the unit blamelessly doing an excellent job.
The highly-rated starlet had duelled over a podium position in the grand final before finding himself blamelessly eliminated in a three-way clash.
25) (Having an imperfect duty to participate in research is compatible with blamelessly choosing to do something else.
If Trish lived blamelessly through a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, then all was well.
As in Jonson's "Inviting a Friend to Supper" mentioned earlier, the colloquy is between two men whose discourse, along with the food and wine, is blamelessly above the petty spites and frustrations of less pure discourse.
Sentencing Sharratt, Judge John Curran said: "As a result of your bad driving, Mrs Patricia Jones, a mother and grandmother who had been driving carefully and blamelessly, was killed.
Draw your own conclusions as to who is at fault for that but, obviously, nobody has come out of the situation blamelessly.