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Synonyms for blamed

so annoying or detestable as to deserve condemnation

Synonyms for blamed

expletives used informally as intensifiers

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Nobody blamed the civilians of Zamboanga, nobody blamed the residents of Ipil,' he said.
However, the fact that Americans have consistently blamed Obama's predecessor more than they blame him for the country's economic problems may explain why his overall job approval rating has consistently exceeded his economic approval rating as well as Americans' general satisfaction with the country.
If he is not blameworthy, he cannot (justly) be blamed.
Nearly 17 percent of those surveyed blamed both the parties for the standoff, Politico reports.
The economy - Osborne last year blamed the royal wedding, this was on the news and in the press, then for later bad figures, he blamed the snow, all these excuses have been well documented.
I heard recently that a farmer blamed the absence of hares these days on red Kites eating their leverets.
He blamed someone for everything in his life that wasn't perfectly to his liking.
The mam-of-four said the boys were blamed for things they hadn't done because they had a reputation.
If global warming predicts "a catastrophy of cold and hot, drought and flood", then can the great Australian droughts of the 19th century be blamed on global warming?
On his view, blame is not simply an evaluative attitude or an emotion; rather, when one blames another, one judges her blameworthy and, crucially, takes one's relationship with her to be impaired; one's attitudes towards the blamed person change.
Blaming creates a definitive "us-them" barrier between the blamer and the blamed (pp.
2 : to hold responsible <He blamed me for everything.
STEVE STAUNTON is still the man for Andy Reid, who insists it's the players who must be blamed for Ireland's Euro 2008 failure.
But if, as Oliver and Campos both suggest, an unreasonable fear of fatness should be blamed for the bad health effects of anorexia, dangerous diet drugs, fluctuating weight, and even smoking ("a common weight loss and weight maintenance strategy," Campos notes), surely obesity can be blamed for deterring the exercise necessary to keep fit.
and then it's about someone who has been blamed for something, and why you shouldn't blame them.