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deserving blame or censure as being wrong or evil or injurious

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who have often disdained the generous candour of my sister, and gratified my vanity, in useless or blameable distrust.
9) 'Confess' (almost 200 lexical items) tends to be a kind of blameable admission (modern French 'avouer') and is only rarely used in the strict sense of a religious rite.
When their revolutionary force has become adequately blameable for destroying our vision of a nice, obedient, democratic Iraq visible only with U.
Instead of blameable, they would appear only mysterious.
The literature in ethics is filled with theories of what makes an action wrong, what makes an actor responsible and blameable for his wrongful actions and what we are justified in doing to wrongdoers.
In cases of homonymy as of hope (n) and hope (v) the derivatives that are in our corpus are verified deverbal coinages: blame 1200, blaming 1382 (1), blamer 1387 (3), blameful 1386 (5), blameable 1387 (7), blamefully 1400 (9), blamefulness 1400 (10).
He will there often find one layer of consciousness roundly upbraiding another, sometimes in the most violent language of abuse, for a foozled stroke; And so earnest sometimes is the vituperation poured by the unmerciful abuser upon the unfortunate foozler, that truly one is apt sometimes sincerely to commiserate the former, and to regard him as a victim of a multiple personality, and not at all blameable for his own poor play.
Neilson Hancock praised the English poor law for granting relief to young girls and widows with children, u nlike the more rigid Irish system which put them on the streets: "Men naturally support women and children, and never before in this world were women held equally responsible with men for providing support for their families, however large, and equally blameable and punishable for being unable to bear the burden.