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shaped like a sword blade

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We felt it described the vehicle's bladelike lines and sharp styling.
5F, white arrow); right paramere with weakly sclerotized base, and flattened, bladelike apical portion (Fig.
However, for implanting into tubular bone, the bladelike design can be revisited.
4A-C): scissorial area with sinuate, bladelike apieal tooth ([S.
Growing widely throughout the tropics, these small trees form dense clusters of long bladelike leaves.
Position of mandibular foramen--near top of the condylar process (1); on low or mid ramus anterior to a bladelike condyloid ridge (2); at the base of ramus near toothrow posterior to condyloid ridge (3); at base of ramus near toothrow anterior to condyloid ridge (4).
The opossum's skull contains a number of strong muscle attachment sites, including a tall, well-defined, bladelike sagittal crest.
Commercials director Timur Bekmambetov's feature debut tells of Bladelike bloodsucker (Konstantin Khabensky) in a struggle between good and evil.
This tall, elegant shrub will grow to a height of anywhere between 180cm300cm (6'-10') and forms a thick widespreading exotic clump with its bladelike foliage.
There's no doubt that Giacometti's mature sculptures--the insistently vertical, whip-thin striding men, the hieratic women with their hands pressed to their sides, and the massive busts with the bladelike heads --are markedly different from the precariously poised, ambiguous masses and open cages of his earlier work.
Bladelike leaves are bronze, with pale orange-yellow flowers appearing on spikes.
Almost as soon as you "plant" paper whites, the bulbs begin to sink roots through the pebbles and send up bladelike green leaves from the tip of the bulb.
Bladelike and biomorphic in character, the shapes suggest breasts or lips while conjuring an achromatic pastoral metaphor.
In multituberculates, sharper bladelike teeth were situated toward the front of the mouth.
Dorsal interior with short, bladelike brachiophores flanking a narrow, almost subquadrate notothyrial cavity.