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Synonyms for blacktop

a black bituminous material used for paving roads or other areas

coat with blacktop

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Blacktop, of Marine Road West, received a six-month jail term for failing to surrender, which will run concurrently to his 21-year sentence for the sexual offences.
The Blacktop package in the Durango SXT or Limited trim features a dark gloss finish to the custom 20-inch wheels, crosshair grille, side mirrors, exterior badging and headlight bezels, among other elements and dual rear exhaust with bright silver tips.
With the help of SEO, Lucas Blacktop can make sure that they are in the running when residents in Raleigh look around online for local paving specialists.
Plantronics, Blacktop, Blackwire, Simply Smarter Communications, Smart Sensor and Spokes are trademarks or registered trademarks of Plantronics, Inc.
Riders will start on rolling blacktop until they pass under the Quriyat Highway, followed by a section of tough graded trails that lead on to the infamous Arqi Loop (in reverse), where the hills will truly test riders' mettle.
Cracks can be sealed quickly with a blacktop patch sold in caulking-gun cartridges.
He wanted to give them a taste of Mother Nature to go with all that concrete and blacktop.
8-metres in length, unfolding to just over 15 metres for operation, and the system can be towed at 80 km on blacktop (or packed into a regulation 20-foot container).
It also meant that they could bring the machines up to the blacktop and not risk damaging them.
They made their mark above the rim on the blacktop in Harlem at Rucker Park, the most famous outdoor arena in the country.
The walkway consists of concrete for about 25 feet, then turns to blacktop.
In Blacktop, 1952 the second of the more than one hundred short films Charles and Ray Eames shot between 1950 and 1982, a banal occurrence is transformed into hypnotic spectacle.
Because trees and shrubs shade the ground and evapotranspire (release water vapor), air temperatures below trees can be as much as 25 degrees cooler than air above nearby blacktop, which helps reduce summer cooling needs.
THE current editor of The Guardian, Alan Rusbridger, has written to The Mirror asking us to point out that in our new media column published on Tuesday we used the word "Loses" to describe his unpopular blacktop paper's falling sale rather than "Losses".
The Blacktop 500, the in-vehicle version of the award-winning Blackwire[R] 710 headset, is designed specifically for commercial drivers and truckers.