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Synonyms for blackthorn

a thorny Eurasian bush with plumlike fruits

erect and almost thornless American hawthorn with somewhat pear-shaped berries

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Prince Blackthorn was under pressure and lost his place at an early stage but made ground quickly on the approach to the last.
Known in the Dark Ages for its magical powers and used in spells of impenetrable protection, the Mystical Blackthorn epitomizes the balance of feminine beauty and wild rebellion with its delicate white flowers protected by its prickly ebony bark.
US$680 million would be endowed by Blackthorn in the Kitumba copper mine in Mumbwa.
Eleven-year-old Amy Posner decided to clean up the play park near her home in Blackthorn Drive.
Blackthorn bush is looking berry bad 6 Something has gone wrong with the berries on my blackthorn bush this year.
The Gibraltar-based British firm will replace current sponsor Blackthorn as of next season in a partnership they hope will last until the Light Blues are back in the Premiership.
Havant Borough Council said properties in Blackthorn Road and Ilex Walk were damaged by the 45-50mph winds at about 8am.
The deal will see the famous Blackthorn Cider brand feature on the Rangers strips for next season.
The Board is delighted that Roger has agreed to become a director of Blackthorn Resources.
Alnmouth Argyle remain third as they overcame Blackthorn Rovers 2-1 thanks to Chris Chisholm and Ross Mackenley.
You can't beat the combination of blackthorn and mahonia, they look good and not even the SAS could get through it
The dapple grey Jupe is a home-bred by Blackthorn RID Stallion, Blackthorn by Kilnashogue out of Sea Jays Lady.
With a hot summer forecast and the cider market enjoying continued growth, we are expecting even more success for Blackthorn in coming months as it continues to broaden consumer appeal.
Organisers of the Blackthorn British Skittles Championship are gearing up for the clash of the titans as teams from skittles hotbeds of Dorset and Gloucestershire will go head to head with South Wales' finest.
Taunton's distinctively dry, full flavored, Blackthorn Hard Cider with its rich and romantic history is unlike any domestically produced counterparts and might better be compared with a good table wine.