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Synonyms for blackmail

Synonyms for blackmail

extortion of money by threats to divulge discrediting information

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exert pressure on someone through threats

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MOMENT OF HORROR: Blackmailers confront victims with images they thought were private |
The police have recovered a pen drive containing clips of the swami's coitus and laptop from the blackmailers.
The claims surfaced in The Sunday Times, which said alleged blackmailers had contacted royal aides on August 2.
The claims first surfaced in a national Sunday newspaper, which said the alleged blackmailers first contacted the Royal's aides on August 2.
It is believed the alleged blackmailers demanded pounds 50,000 but a police sting ensured the evidence was seized and the men were arrested, with no money changing hands.
It is believed that a demand of pounds 50,000 was suggested by the alleged blackmailers but a police sting ensured that the evidence was seized and the men arrested with no money exchanging hands.
A senior legal adviser to the unnamed Royal agreed with the blackmailers that he would see the tape before handing over the cash.
Blackmailers threatened to go public with a video which they claimed showed the royal, who has not been named, engaged in a sex act.
Now his blackmailers claim their revealing video footage is "very valuable".
According to actor Paul Nesbitt, Henry Willson (also Nesbitt's agent) had to order up a Mob hit either to rough up or rub out two blackmailers who threatened Rock.
Organised gangs of cyber blackmailers are reportedly targeting office workers with threats to delete computer files or upload pornographic images onto their company computers unless a ransom is paid.
Burglars, murders, blackmailers, straying spouses--no one can outsmart our favorite sleuth.
The oldest is in fact titled The Blackmailers (1894), by John Gray and Marc-Andre Raffalovich, two associates of Wilde.
A 39-year-old former employee of Tokyo Sowa Bank, which was declared insolvent in June 1999, has been arrested on a charge of embezzling customers' deposits after being blackmailed, police sources said Wednesday, adding that his two suspected blackmailers were also arrested.
Terrified he would be branded a"poof" like his gay twin Ronnie, he ordered two London hitmen to warn the would-be blackmailers they would be killed if they talked.