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Synonyms for blackleg

someone who works (or provides workers) during a strike

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take the place of work of someone on strike


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No beer, though, in Abercynon where, the Echo reported, barmaids refused to serve blacklegs.
The pimps, blacklegs and tinhorn gamblers, to say nothing of the prostitutes, sneak thieves and other scum of Denver, which stepped over into Cheyenne when the former place became too hot for them, have been subjected to a general roundup .
BBC chiefs should call their bluff and bring in blacklegs.
Also they were going to use blacklegs and his best friend is badly beaten up on the picket line and he thinks it just isn't right.
BULLIES AND BLACKLEGS by Brenda Wyn Jones (Gwasg Gwynedd, pounds 3.
The first major outbreak of revolutionary unrest in this period occurred during the 1913 Lockout, when several Dublin companies locked out striking, unionized workers and replaced them with blacklegs.
It is, however, interesting in that it illustrates the violent hatred felt by the union men towards the blacklegs.
On November 7 the miners fond that Leonard Llewellyn, manager of Llwynypia's Glamorgan Colliery, was using blacklegs to keep the pumps working.
The only blacklegs were workers at Brook Motors' Empress Works.
There was one area in which 30s Wales was no different from today - the opinions of miners about strikes, picket lines and blacklegs.
I could be back in 1983/84; the same rhetoric, the same excuses from the same right-wing politicians, the same bias from the BBC, the same conscience-salving reasons given from scabs and blacklegs.