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cover with graphite

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come downstairs, clean the flues, light the fire, blacklead the grate.
ADEL is the pioneer and leader of the Turkish writing instruments industry, producing wood-cased blacklead, colour and copying pencils, ballpoint pens, fibre pens, oil pastels, wax crayons, finger paints,modeling clay, gouache, watercolours, erasers and mechanical pencils, liquid ink pens and fine leads.
In 1953, Pangnirtung consisted of little more than the Hudson's Bay Company post, established in 1921; the RCMP post, established in 1923; the Anglican mission, moved from the Blacklead Island whaling station in 1926; and St.
Then just a look to see the fires are burning well and the steriliser boiling, the wards tidy--oh and those stoves to blacklead and then what a dirty sight I was to beguile the eyes of the day staff But who cared?
Well we may have had to scrub floors, blacklead grates, wash stairs etc.