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His white 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe parked in the driveway was covered with a thick, blackish-gray mixture of ice and ashes and several boards from the building landed on its roof.
It was blackish-gray and the texture of the skin appeared smooth but could probably be composed of fine scales.
Forehead from base of bill to above eye Jet Black (89); bare orbital ring blackish-gray with tiny white specks (latter visible only at close range), surrounded by Jet Black feathered eye ring; rear crown and nape Citrine (51), grading on auriculars to Yellowish Olive-Green (50), and on lower sides of face to Olive-Yellow (52), then to Sulfur Yellow (157) at center of throat.
This bird was a 1st-year bird based on the blackish-gray crown, short nape-plume, and gray sides of the neck (Mullarney et al.