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of brown tinged with black

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Thus, sensitive callus to NaCl turn to blackish-brown and become stiff and acutely-necrotic.
Thorax brownish-black, mesonotum black striped, pleura ranging from yellowish-brown to blackish-brown.
Occiput and postocular portions of genae, pronotum (except lower portions of lateral lobes), tegmina and all other portions of body shiny and blackish-brown (except whitish markings on episterna described above).
Carapace covered with blackish-brown curved hair; hair more concentrated along the interstrial ridges intermixed with black short and long bristles on caput.
Last weekend my wife and I saw a pussy willow shrub with furry gray catkins just starting to slip the shiny, blackish-brown sheaths that remind me of popcorn hulls.
This produces the dark marbled, blackish-brown pattern on the body.
Greenish-gray to blackish-brown and sometimes red, it has a marbled pattern on its head, back and sides.
Stipe: 2-5 cm long, 3-5 mm thick at the apex, equal to enlarging below; smokey to blackish-brown velvety pubescence over the lower 2/3-3/4 of the stipe.
5-inch-long Xylocopa frontalis, or carpenter bee, a brown or blackish-brown insect from Central and South America.
Mounds were composed of well-consolidated blackish-brown organic soil in which the nest chambers of the colony were located.
Chile mulato: The dried chile mulato is about 5" by 3" with a blackish-brown color and a smooth skin.
Photo: At soil level, blackish-brown, corky mass near rose's base indicates that infection took place at or near the bud union
Wings almost clear, slightly brownish with blackish-brown veins.
Depending on its mineral constituents, andesite has a colour range changing from light gray to black, blackish-brown or greenish, reddish brown and pinky tones.
Koch (1878) described the female of a wolf spider species with a very unusual color pattern of white transverse bars on an otherwise blackish-brown abdomen, Anoteropsis longipes L.