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of brown tinged with black

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Black head surmounted by a large blue periorbital patch, olive-gray crown, and rufous nape; body feathers above and below with large black subterminal spots edged cinnamon-buff; and a blackish-brown tail 2 Pithys Monomorphic.
Thorax brownish-black, mesonotum black striped, pleura ranging from yellowish-brown to blackish-brown.
Carapace covered with blackish-brown curved hair; hair more concentrated along the interstrial ridges intermixed with black short and long bristles on caput.
Stipe: Typically lateral, shiny, appearing varnished; brown to mahogany or blackish-brown.
5-inch-long Xylocopa frontalis, or carpenter bee, a brown or blackish-brown insect from Central and South America.
The autograph is written in blackish-brown ink on a single sheet of cream-colored, unwatermarked wove paper thirty-four centimeters high and fifty-four centimeters wide, which has been folded into a folio yielding two leaves - or four pages - each twenty-seven centimeters in width.
Photo: At soil level, blackish-brown, corky mass near rose's base indicates that infection took place at or near the bud union
Wings almost clear, slightly brownish with blackish-brown veins.
Plants epiphytic and terrestrial; rhizome short creeping, 10 mm in diameter, densely scaly, scales oblong-lanceolate with acuminate and crispate apices, entire, blackish-brown, opaque, 3-5 x 1.
This similar, but slightly duller overall to the male plumage, dull brown-gray shadow of the male's black mask with black appearing on ear coverts, underparts more extensively barred black (variable), tail notably shorter, outer rectrices dusky-brown with blackish-brown tip, remaining rectrices with mostly olive-yellow outer webs, blackish tips and dusky-brown inner webs; marginal wing coverts at wing bend blackish, remaining lesser and median coverts appear variable from black to dark olive-green tipped black, greater secondary coverts and tertials gray-brown broadly edged greenish-olive on outer webs, and black greater primary coverts.
The Ruby laser works best on those people with blackish-brown circles due to excess skin pigmentation.
Juveniles are entirely blackish-brown without contrast between breast and throat; gender similar until PF commences.
Koch (1878) described the female of a wolf spider species with a very unusual color pattern of white transverse bars on an otherwise blackish-brown abdomen, Anoteropsis longipes L.