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Synonyms for blackish

somewhat black


Words related to blackish

of something that is somewhat black

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Head black with grayish microtomentum; orbital plates subglossy blackish brown with microtomentum; ocellar triangle darkish brown without microtomentum; lunule strap-shaped, darkish brown with black margin.
Thanks to the popularity of this year's new shows, including Empire, Blackish and Fresh Off the Boat, which feature minority talents in the lead roles--and maybe a desire to accurately portray the American population-- the networks have cast many of the new series with diverse actors.
The pet appears to be an Italian Greyhound who has white feet and blackish grey body.
With large, old clumps most of the blackish, fibrous roots will be dead, the living roots hidden beneath the base of the old leaf-stalks.
The lumber has been described as having an olive brown to blackish color, often with light/ dark striping.
1 in SL; colour of adult male in life generally mauve to pale yellowish with orange stripe between each scale row on side of body; blackish zone on lower two-thirds of caudal peduncle and adjacent body above last few anal rays; blackish patch immediately behind pectoral-fin base; pelvic and median fins reddish with narrow white margin on dorsal fins.
31 mm long, brown to blackish, with light brown margins, adaxially glabrous; sterile laminae coriaceous, 15-20 X 1.
Head (Figs 2-4): Blackish, silver pruinose, white to pale yellow-white setose, clearly broader than high in anterior view.
ISLAMABAD -- Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Pervaiz Rashid has said that the PPP had taken part in the past elections of blackish democracy in which a military dictator Pervez Musharraf was elected as president.
The latter sighting was made by Geoff Gibbs, who said: "It is quite distinctive, with a foxybrown thorax and a blackish abdomen with a white tip.
Painted gestures also occasionally stand for themselves, as in a patch of yellow scumbled over black or discrete blackish brushstrokes laid atop a green ground.
The body was decomposed and had turned blackish with body fluids including blood splattered on the floor.
Even the plants and water has turned blackish," Khatri said as the lake offers a scenic look of blue water and a very famous among the picnickers from Karachi and nearby cities.
Wearing a blackish grey shirwani - a long suit worn by grooms in Pakistan-Younis smiled all down the runway in his first-ever appearance in a fashion show in Karachi on Saturday, while Gul wore an off-white shirwani, thenews.