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Synonyms for blackish

somewhat black


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of something that is somewhat black

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17); 4) legs with dorsal blackish marks on femora, tibiae with basal and subapical blackish bands, tarsi with subbasal blackish band (Figs.
If small blackish insects covered in a hard shell are seen then spray in May or June when they are most active.
Thomas Geissmann, who is leading the taxonomic description, describes the monkey as having almost entirely blackish fur with white fur only on ear tufts, chin beard and perineal area.
Anterior two pairs of legs yellow; hind legs with coxa yellowish, with black marks, on inner and outer sides, trochanters blackish apically yellowish; trochantellus dorsally blackwish, lateroventrally yellowish, femur basally and subapically black, yellowish brown centrally and apically, hind tibia black, centrally yellowish brown, tarsus black; fore wing hyaline, apically weakly infumate; pterostigma brown.
Legs: coxae and trochanters brown, washed with black; femora of prothoracic legs yellowish brown with subapical blackish brown band, tibiae lighter brown with weak subapical blackish band, and tarsal segments faded light yellowish brown except apical tarsomere washed with gray; meso- and metathoracic legs yellowish-brown to yellowish, mesothoracic femora with subapical blackish mark and metathoracic femora with medial and subapical blackish mark, tarsal segments paler with apical margins distinct, except apical tarsi and foreclaws washed with gray.
The resident moths are quite dark, almost blackish, but the immigrants are usually much paler.
The man who ran away appeared to be in his 20s or 30s and wore a black T-shirt and blackish pants, the police said, adding that the vehicle's license plate had been replaced with that of another car.
0 wide) blackish gray enclosing dull blackish gray tergite (Fig.
The cases, invariably at the right height for examining the objects they contain, are of the blackish, silver grey steel, glued glass and sometimes wood, materials resonating with the old and beautiful exhibits.
The section Hybrida is characterized by subulate and unrolled blade scales and hydathodes absent, and the subsection Hybrida is characterized principally by blackish blade scales (or absent) and present on costa and blade margin.
The two men on the motorcycle wore black helmets and blackish clothes, and the man riding on the back fired the shot, according to the police.
But that's just what he gets in a blackish comedy that never really catches light.
They are somewhat gangly in appearance and are dark brown to blackish in color.