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any of various diseases in which the central tissues blacken

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heart cherry with dark flesh and skin cherry

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The Admiral Nelson brand, of course, references naval lore, while the Blackheart label depicts a female pirate with the tagline, "Seductress in a bottle.
Rock fans are in for a unique treat this November at the MEN Arena when shock rock guru Alice Cooper teams up with legendary British rock'n'roll hellraisers Motorhead & loud leather lovin' Joan Jett and the Blackhearts for a UK tour which promises a relentless, ear-splintering, deliriously dirty rock'n'roll experience.
Then it's all well-staged but semi-comprehensible bashing between the Rider, Blackheart and expendable henchdemons.
Mr James said: "All of Solihull, and that includes the rural areas, will be receiving the attention of officers working on Operation Blackheart.
Both Companies maintain impressive Client/Project lists that have included: SonyMusic Independent Network, Ace Products, Joan Jett, Blackheart Records, Vintage Leagues Clothing, Stevie Wonder, Fortress Marketing, WMGW Distribution, Stars of America Concert Tour, "Becoming Barack" DVD, Loggins & Messina Tour, Outback Concerts, Bill Champlin, Starfaces Mobile App, Swagg App by Qualcomm, Ninkasi Brewery, KES Music Distribution, MDI Distribution, Whotune.
Male in a Musical Revue: Scott Noah: Young Bart Blackheart, The Harlot Letter; Kyle Vespestad: Kyle, Kyle & Monty: The Musical
Chris Hayward is a suitably saucy Dame Rita Crusoe, Cullercoats-born Phil Corbitt is a dastardly Blackheart the Prince, Kathryn Rooney is a pretty Magical Mermaid, Natalie Winsor is a willowy Girl Friday and the little girls from Marron Theatre Arts give them all a lesson in immaculate dancing.
Mephistopheles despatches his fiery-headed servant to hunt down the demon Blackheart and his elemental minions
It culminates in a life-and-death battle against the devil's supernaturally powered son Blackheart (Wes Bentley).
Mephistopheles despatches his fieryheaded servant to hunt down the demon Blackheart and his elemental minions.
1830s - The first blackheart malleable iron is produced in Newark, NJ, by Seth Boyden.
She had a solo hit with I Love Rock 'n' Roll in 1979 and was one of the first female artists to set up her own recording label, Blackheart Records.
All the cast, including The Magical Mermaid, Blackheart the Pirate and Girl Friday, spent time meeting families of the babies in The Bubble Foundation UK unit.
Kathryn Rooney - last seen playing Princess Jasmine in Aladdin - returns as The Magical Mermaid and former Coronation Street star Phil Corbitt joins the team as Blackheart The Pirate.