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Synonyms for blackguard

someone who is morally reprehensible

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in English, English, a blackguard is a low scoundrel).
At the court case that drew a line under the scandal, the judge made his opinion of racing clear when he said: "If [gentlemen] condescend to race with blackguards, they must condescend to expect to be cheated.
Gentlemen and Blackguards or Gambling Mania and the Plot to Steal the Derby of 1844.
Every profession has its rogues, every calling its blackguards.
Why, replied Dennistoun, would he want to accept a post that involved 'endless squabbling from bigwigs and blackguards for some 600 or 800 pounds a year'?
Hazlitt's self-exposure assumes not only gender-coded but also racialized dimensions (inadvertently reflected in Redding's references to blackguards and blacklegs).
Some translations have him saying "Let those blackguards have it" while others use "brutes" instead of "blackguards.
unlike those raucous blackguards who have no love for Britain per se,
that these blackguards are testing death-dealing TB serum on unsuspecting citizens of Kenya, and, with the help of a local doctor, tries to head them off at the pass, or find the smoking gun, or in some way bring them to Justice.
Thomas writes colorfully of blackguards and mistresses, salty sea dogs and young midshipmen, bloody quarterdecks and Parisian salons.
Trust in Providence and history that they'll sort out a society; Sydney and Melbourne, built by blackguards, are now ruled quite well by legions of their offspring.
That would soon sort the blackguards out," he stormed.
Speaker Sheridan attacked the priest first: "Father Cavanagh had endeavored to stamp them as blackguards, he had done everything to brand them (cries down with him--cut off his supplies).
The image of a strike as an uneven battle between honest workin' folk and rapacious corporate blackguards is enmeshed in the North American psyche.
Is it all right by The Nation if Clinton blackguards and threatens female witnesses?