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changing to a darker color

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The blackening takes place in the weeks running up to the wedding and is planned secretly by those closest to the bride and groom.
It's imperative that you dredge your seafood through a puddle of melted, unsalted, butter, before you cover it with the blackening spice and put it into the almost red-hot pan.
For now they plough on and more than 350 dates into the never-ending Blackening jaunt it's not as if Flynn looks like a man in need of a breather.
The album gave the band their highest chart position in the UK, number 16, and has become a metalmust-have, but after three years of touring it, Machine Head will pack up The Blackening and return to the studio in April.
In other words, these thrash-bred guys from the Bay Area got their epic on for "The Blackening," making the sort of move into big sounds that their forebears Metallica did a generation earlier with ".
Turn salmon over and rub flesh side all over with Blackening Spice.
Initially, there was a strong blackening effect for the big fish in Group 2, but a strong BFLP effect operated later.
Considered a major insult, blackening her face isn't nearly as extreme as the call for her death by hardliners in 1994.
Blackening somebody's face with shoe polish or soot is considered a grave insult in India.
Blackening someone's face with soot or shoe polish is a grave insult in India and The Raza Academy, that offered the reward, also organised a protest in which 100 hardline Muslims carried banners calling for the Indian-born author to be killed.
It explores them first as images, Classically-clad in the eighteenth century, and then as functional structures, blackening the industrial skyline.
1-3) Endoscopy will detect a diffuse blackening of the esophagus that ends abruptly at the transitional line of the esophagogastric junction (figure).