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Synonyms for blackened

darkened by smoke

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(of the face) made black especially as with suffused blood


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Many years ago, it had had it in its mind to slide down sideways; it had been propped up, however, and was leaning on some half-dozen gigantic crutches: which gymnasium for the neighbouring cats, weather-stained, smoke- blackened, and overgrown with weeds, appeared in these latter days to be no very sure reliance.
Arthur opened the long low window, and looked out upon the old blasted and blackened forest of chimneys, and the old red glare in the sky, which had seemed to him once upon a time but a nightly reflection of the fiery environment that was presented to his childish fancy in all directions, let it look where it would.
He leaned upon the sill of the long low window, and looking out upon the blackened forest of chimneys again, began to dream; for it had been the uniform tendency of this man's life--so much was wanting in it to think about, so much that might have been better directed and happier to speculate upon--to make him a dreamer, after all.
Ancient and withered, blackened by many years of the smoke of the devil-devil house, nevertheless the shrunken, mummy-like face was unmistakably Chinese.
After the fire had been extinguished a huge swathe of blackened hillside was visible.
If you grill meats, cook them at lower temperatures over indirect heat, and don't eat any areas that are charred or blackened.
Non-locals do not get blackened unless they are marrying a local.
Prick three aubergines all over with a fork and barbecue for 25 minutes, until the skins are blackened and cracked.
The model has red body paint and black roof, a matte black front grille, blackened headlamps with projector headlights, a new black grille for the lower bumper along with black cladding on the lower side of the bumper, blackened A and C pillars, black roof rails, new black alloys and an interior with all-black dashboard with carbon fibre inserts, three spoke sporty flat-bottomed steering wheel trimmed in perforated leather with red stitching.
Then, almost overnight, the vogue for Cajun blackened food disappeared.
It was New Orleans chef Paul Prudhomme who first promoted blackened fish (subsequent demand for which almost caused the extinction of red drum) in the early 1980s.
2 to 3 tablespoons or more blackened seasoning (Paul Prudhomme's or
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has slammed Labor saying it blackened the reputation of the Australian sport during an "overdramatic" media conference.
Just what you want in a grouper sandwich: a thick, flaky grouper fillet, blackened and served on a soft roll with a side of French fries.
Boxing is shamed and blackened they cry, no it isn''t, the two idiots involved are shamed and blackened.