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common Indian antelope with a dark back and spiral horns

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We are delighted to welcome Venkatesh to BlackBuck.
Currently, there is no blackbuck hunting in India, and the population in Nepal is small and threatened.
He made these remarks, while awarding Safari hunting trophies of Blackbuck and Chankara Trophy Hunting Program.
Even up to 1930s very large herds of blackbuck, nilgai, and wild boar were found in many desert areas (Prakash, 1988).
The Jackal Translocation Project is an initiative of the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department and Archeological Survey of India in collaboration with Wildlife SOS to protect the resident Blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra) population in Akbars tomb while also protecting jackals.
There are some species of exotics which can be hunted in the off-season, such as blackbuck antelope, axis deer and aoudad sheep for example.
Kendra was a fairly experienced hunter for her age, having shot some Alaska game as well as wild hogs and fair-chase axis and blackbuck in Texas.
Spread over nearly 5,000 sqkm, the land is largely parched waterbed and is home to herds of the highly endangered wild ass as well as blackbuck.
Each course will be paired with wine: The menu: First course: grilled mahi mahi filet with roasted "Blue Yonder'' oyster shallot cream; second course: roasted boneless Bandera quail stuffed with wild mushrooms and venison sausage; third course: roasted blackbuck antelope filet, sliced and served with a fresh blueberry-game reduction and fresh blueberries; dessert: white peach souffle glace.
In 2010, 32 blackbuck antelopes died after drinking sewage water that flowed into their enclosures at the same zoo.
Ben's dad was a vet, so he probably feels right at home at Liverpool Uni's vet college, where they treat an ancient pony with colic, an elderly collie with a weak heart and an orphaned blackbuck antelope.
Meanwhile Nora, a nine-year-old bearded collie with a weak heart, is given an ultrasound scan, and a little blackbuck antelope that has been abandoned by its mother seems to be suffering from a dislocated toe.
Buy a PS3 box of special food at the entrance and you can open your windows in the friendly zones to feed some of the animals by hand, such as the ticklish Blackbuck antelopes from India and Pakistan, or the dribbling Common Eland from East Africa.
Salman Khan faces two major charges including the the 1998 blackbuck poaching case the 2002 hit-and-run case.
On a recent free-range Blackbuck Antelope hunt in Texas, that load combination proved deadly on a very nice 22" Blackbuck ram, and several management females out to 266 yards.