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a hypothetical object capable of absorbing all the electromagnetic radiation falling on it

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The contrast between Kirchhoff's definition of a blackbody and that adopted by Max Planck was profound [5], as will be discovered below.
He suggested that the radiances of the laboratory blackbody used in the calibration were erroneous.
These values of emissivity, coupled with the atmospheric correction parameters, were used in the following equation to calculate the radiance of a blackbody target of kinetic temperature ([L.
Hasenohrl's error, they believe, stems from failing to account for the mass lost by the blackbody while radiating.
Designed with a patented automatic emissivity compensation system (AECS) that creates its own blackbody that provides emissivity-free temperature readings.
The total longwave properties, including emittance, were calculated with respect to blackbody spectrum at a given temperature (ASTM 1971).
Subsequent chapters, of course, delve into the specifics, in three groupings pertaining to blackbody radiative properties, radiative exchange in enclosures without any radiating medium between the surfaces, and the radiative properties of gases.
Sample this: Planck getting up in the middle of the night to post a note with the equation for the blackbody spectrum.
Brightness temperature is the temperature of a blackbody having the same radiation emitted from a given area.
Rosen then turns his attention to Max Planck, whose investigations of blackbody radiation led to quantum theory that called into question even the notions of Einstein.
Light that has the same spectral energy distribution as unobstructed noon sunlight and is approximately the same as that of a blackbody radiator at 6000[degrees]C
It's basically a liquid-crystal thermometer attached to a 5 1/4-by-6 3/4-inch refrigerator magnet with room enough for a blackbody target, easy-to-read instructions, and accuracy data.
The energy captured by the planet is assumed to warm the planet until the energy radiated through blackbody radiation is equal to that received from its sun.