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sheet of slate


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Since you refuse to tell me who wrote it, open it yourself, take this chalk, and copy the contents on the blackboard that we may all enjoy them.
With flashing eyes she tore open the letter, snatched up the chalk, and dashed at the blackboard.
If she hated him so intensely that she would rather write that note on the blackboard than sit with him, what use was it to sigh like a furnace longer for her?
Now the master, mellow almost to the verge of geniality, put his chair aside, turned his back to the audience, and began to draw a map of America on the blackboard, to exercise the geography class upon.
The teacher's desk and chair stood on a platform in one corner; there was an uncouth stove, never blackened oftener than once a year, a map of the United States, two blackboards, a ten-quart tin pail of water and long-handled dipper on a corner shelf, and wooden desks and benches for the scholars, who only numbered twenty in Rebecca's time.
Balbus is a great man,' he wrote on the blackboard.
Phillips took a chalk crayon and wrote on the blackboard above her head.
In the lower windows, which were decorated with curtains of a saffron hue, dangled two or three printed cards, bearing reference to Devonshire cider and Dantzic spruce, while a large blackboard, announcing in white letters to an enlightened public, that there were 500,000 barrels of double stout in the cellars of the establishment, left the mind in a state of not unpleasing doubt and uncertainty as to the precise direction in the bowels of the earth, in which this mighty cavern might be supposed to extend.
I feel like a kind of blackboard by this time anyway.
By the time they came to Bell's table, through a litter of school- desks and blackboards, the hour was seven o'clock, and every man in the party was hot, tired, and hungry.
Working with Blackboard builds on our ongoing commitment to education, to learning, and to creating an environment where our clients can continue to focus on developing innovative solutions to the challenges faced by educators,said Philip Guido, IBM General Manager of Global Technology Services for North America.
Sharp Imaging and Information company of America (SIICA), a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation (SEC), said it has announced a signature partnership with Blackboard, Inc.
The announcement was made today by Blackboard and its local partner, BME Holding.
Audience: Blackboard says this is for K-12 students and teachers, but taking full advantage of its many features would be best with students who can read and have had some experience with technology, perhaps third grade and up.
Under the partnership announced on Wednesday, financial details of which were not available, the companies will work to enable students to access and purchase e-textbooks and other course related materials directly in Blackboard Learn, a Web-based teaching and learning platform.