black-tailed deer

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Here, I report the likely predation of 2 Sitka Black-Tailed Deer fawns by Bald Eagles.
Influence of hair loss syndrome on black-tailed deer fawn survival.
Other techniques attempted with white and black-tailed deer include an assessment of the general shape of the pubic symphysis.
Parasites, diseases, injuries, and anomalies of the Columbian black-tailed deer, Odocoileus hemionus columbianus (Richardson) in British Columbia.
8] Black-tailed deer dreamers, restricted to younger Sioux men, painted themselves in blue and black; while long-tailed deer dreamers, (not described in Wissler's 1912 study), painted in red, like Bear Cult members.
Diablo includes coastal black-tailed deer, gray foxes, bobcats, mountain lions, badgers, and coyotes, as well as the red-legged frog and the rare Alameda whipsnake.
Darimont fears that logging old-growth forests here would diminish the foraging grounds for black-tailed deer, the coastal wolf's prime prey.
Male harvest in relation to female removals in a black-tailed deer population.
White-tailed and black-tailed deer, meanwhile, eat oak foliage along with bushels of acorns.
If the species of Odocoileus are defined using maternally inherited mtDNA as the criterion, the mule deer and white-tailed deer would be considered one species and the black-tailed deer would form a second species.
On the West Coast we have Black-tailed deer and pockets of Mule deer.
Wildlife viewing can be good here: from shore or a boat, check the inlets and coves for pintails, widgeons, and flotillas of white pelicans, as well as black-tailed deer and the occasional bobcat.