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having black seeds

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An added benefit of buying greens at a farmers' market is that the grower is right there, ready to answer your questions about variety, texture, and taste--and sometimes to tell stories too: Bill Coleman, of Coleman Family Farms, for instance, describes his vividly chartreuse Black-seeded Simpson as "nice for a romantic dinner--it glows in the dark.
A new black-seeded runner bean, Riley, is promising for those who seek early crops.
Not too terribly long ago, "homegrown lettuce" almost always meant leaf lettuce, and most often that was black-seeded Simpson.
Leaf lettuces such as black-seeded Simpson will grow just about anywhere; Bibb or butterhead lettuces with their soft, wide leaves are good choices.
Black-seeded soybeans were more resistant to deterioration in high-humidity conditions than were pale varieties, a trait that was associated with a decrease in fungal growth (Starzinger et al.
Black-Seeded Simpson is the first lettuce I ever grew and to this day it's my personal favorite.