black-necked stilt

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stilt of southwestern United States to northern South America having black plumage extending from the head down the back of the neck

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rear Blue Heron 5 15 12 Cattle Egret 0 4 0 White-faced Ibis 11 0 0 American (nor 92 28 88 Sandhill Crane 0 4249 4132 Killdeer 4 0 0 Semipalmatcd Plover 0 5 3 Black-necked Stilt 10 2 0 American Avocet 460 459 372 Solitary Sandpiper 0 4 0 Spotted Sandpiper 0 0 0 Long-billed Curlew 671 1805 829 Generic sandpiper 2916 703 660 Long-billed Dowitcher 0 3 22 Wilson's Phalarope 0 0 0 Laughing Gull 2 2 0 Ring-billed Gull 182 188 228 Herring Gull 0 0 0 Unidentified Gull 0 0 0 Caspian Tern 0 4 0 Total 8492 21.
From 2009 to 2014, 17 birds, hatched in Free Flight before identification of this issue, were transferred to other institutions based on Species Survival Plan recommendations, including Bali mynah, black-necked stilt, blue-grey tanager, red-crested wood partridge, green-naped pheasant pigeon, golden-breasted starling, hooded merganser, Nicobar pigeon, ruddy duck (Oxyura jamaicensis), and sunbittern.
Black-necked Stilt (Himantopus mexicanus (Muller, 1776)): On 20 May 2003 several individuals performed distractive behavior, near the muddy islets, but we could not locate any nest.
1 -- cover -- color) On the cover: A black-necked stilt resides at the aquarium
The oysters, clams, shrimp, crabs and hundreds of species of fish that are born here provide food for the many birds that patrol its waters, such as white pelicans (above) and black-necked stilts, shown here performing a mating ritual (left).
Family groups of black-necked stilts chatter, the calm water reflecting their long red legs and black-and-white bodies.
Killdeer and especially Black-necked Stilts nested at the site in good numbers.
Curlews, willets, and black-necked stilts hide in the tall grasses on the pond's edge.
Roseate spoonbills, heron species, black-necked stilts, cormorants, northern harriers, white-tailed hawks, and owls (short-eared, barn and great-horned) are common.
Best bets: Black-necked stilts are beginning to colonize Fern Ridge Reservoir.
On a recent visit there were more than two-dozen bird species, including cinnamon teals, avocets, ruddy ducks in breeding plumage, black-necked stilts, a great blue heron, great and snowy egrets and lots of white-faced ibis.
More than 230 species-from endangered wood storks, roseate spoonbills, ospreys and white pelicans to painted buntings, yellow-crowned night herons, black-necked stilts and oyster catchers-spend all or part of the year there.
Black-necked stilts (Himantopus mexicanus), black skimmers (Rynchops niger), and least and gull-billed terns (Sterna antillarum and Sterna nilotica, respectively) can be found nesting along the shorelines of the salt lakes.
The total absence of Black-necked Stilts during this study is inexplicable, given their winter occurrence in the Corpus Christi area (Withers & Chapman 1993).