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Synonyms for black-market

distributed or sold illicitly

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Now all individuals who want to change their money from pounds to dollars are being treated like black-market money dealers," he told The Daily Star by phone.
Minin, like most of the new breed, arranged black-market transfers with only "the pure motive of pure profit" in mind (as George Bernard Shaw put it in Major Barbara, his satire of the arms business).
Police have been told to crack down on black-market methadone after a 50 per cent surge in deaths from the heroin substitute.
Despite the crime and the black market, there is a strong sense of community, with neighbors sharing rations, homegrown vegetables (nobody grows flowers anymore), and black-market spoils.
Black-market prices for these remote exploits requiring no target-user intervention sold for $5,000 in 2004 but have skyrocketed to as much as $80,000 in 2007.
A more objective survey of steroids' role in sports shows that their health risks, while real, have been grossly exaggerated; that the political response to steroids has been driven more by a moral panic over drug use than by the actual effects of the chemicals; and that the worst problems associated with steroids result from their black-market status rather than their inherent qualities.
However, potential black-market buyers may find Roadway Express's $50,000 reward for information leading to a conviction more appealing than owning one of the prizes.