black-crowned night heron

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night heron of both Old and New Worlds

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At TSB, the avian species most consistently seen during the runs of California Grunion was Black-crowned Night Heron, followed by Great Blue Heron, although in much smaller numbers than at MLSB (Fig.
Social foraging and feeding environment of the Black-crowned Night Heron in an industrialized estuary.
Nocturnal predation by a Black-crowned Night Heron at a Common Tern colony.
herodias and Black-crowned Night Herons Nycticorax nycticorax fed during low tides after sunset in a salt marsh (Black and Collopy, 1982).
9 birds, usually Black-crowned Night Herons, attended runs (Fig.
The birds used a great deal of aggression when encountering other Black-crowned Night Herons within close range either at the water's edge or at the top of the bank where passers-by distributed bread.
Prior to our observations, researchers had reported only two observations (of 1 adult each) of Black-crowned Night Herons actively fishing with bread (in an urban park in California, McCullough and Beasley 1996; and in a park in New Orleans, Louisiana, Riehl 2001).
Food habits of Black-crowned Night Herons in southern Alberta.
Each of the four interns gathered data for long-standing projects, such monitoring the presence of black-crowned night herons, but also created their own projects that they worked on throughout the summer.
After the trail winds past tall eucalyptus trees that may harbor a few nesting black-crowned night herons, you'll pass a hillside covered with thick agave, planted in dense patches during the island's prison days to discourage landings by potential rescuers.
The Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center of Orange County California will receive $5,000 to study a serious dietary deficiency of unknown causes among black-crowned night herons and great blue herons.
An onshore observation point provides a unique setting to witness the nesting habits of the resident cormorants, black-crowned night herons and great blue herons, the latter of which make nearby Fairbank Point their largest coastal rookery between San Francisco and Mexico.
It's the only place on the bay where you can find black-crowned night herons, great blue herons, and great and snowy egrets nesting together.