black-backed gull

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white gull having a black back and wings

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Unlike herring-gulls and lesser black-backed gulls, they don't harass or dive-bomb people, even if they have chicks or nests nearby.
Great black-backed gulls, great skuas, and northern gannets out compete other birds for discard from boats.
We experimentally increased the number of eggs laid by Lesser Black-backed Gulls and examined the relationship between egg number and egg quality.
2014), while Lesser Black-backed Gulls are increasing in Greenland (Boertmann, 2008) and Ivory Gulls Pagophila eburnea have declined in both Canada (Gilchrist et al.
Gulls have proven very adaptable to human presence, responding to the availability of food: ring-billed gull, 1,773 (this species has become our McDonald's "parking lot gull"); herring gull, 173; great black-backed gull, 7.
The great black-backed gull has a black (really black) back and wings contrasting with its white (very white) head, breast and belly.
The third series, due for release on August 11, includes gannet, ringed plover, grey glover, golden plover, greenshank, curlew, herring gull and great black-backed gull.
But some of Wales' most iconic seabirds have declined: shag by 24%, fulmar by 16%, lesser black-backed gull by 35% and kittiwake by 41%.
Black-backed gull and the herring gull are thought to be the two main species involved in nuisance behaviour.
The unseasonal 'white wings' tried to remain aloof from a greater black-backed gull, which was doing unspeakable things to a rotten fish head.
The islands have a small population of the monster gull, the great black-backed gull, with one bird seen to specialise in killing adult puffins.
WALES' NEW RED LIST Cuckoo Wood warbler Willow warbler Pied flycatcher Lesser redpoll Pochard Common gull Kestrel Grey plover Dunlin Black-headed gull Herring gull Great black-backed gull Common tern Arctic tern Short-eared owl Yellow wagtail Spotted flycatcher Linnet Twite White-fronted goose Red grouse Black grouse Grey partridge Hen harrier Corncrake Golden plover Lapwing Bar-tailed godwit Curlew Roseate tern Little tern Puffin Turtle dove Lesser-spotted woodpecker Ring ouzel Grasshopper warbler Marsh tit Willow tit Starling Tree sparrow Bullfinch Yellowhammer Corn bunting Balearic shearwater
Years back, if someone reported a big, dark bird with a white head and white tail in Worcester County, one might have assumed it was a greater black-backed gull.
It is also home to a host of other seabirds, like storm petrel, guillemot, puffin and lesser black-backed gull.