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Synonyms for black-and-white

not having or not capable of producing colors

of a situation that is sharply divided into mutually exclusive categories

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Besides the Grange and the Castle keep, she could now pick out the church and the black-and-white gables of the George.
The latter movie, Pleasantville, is about the black-and-white world of an old 1950's television sitcom into which two teenagers from the late twentieth-century are magically dropped.
From the pages of trendy fashion magazines to edgy films like ``The Man Who Wasn't There,'' from fine-art galleries to portrait studios, the old-fashioned look of black-and-white photography is looking fresh.
Unprecedented growth of the amateur black-and-white film category recently spurred Kodak to test a new marketing campaign in Atlanta.
Tracing the emergence of the "mulatto elite" from its beginnings in the seventeenth century through its gradual absorption into the Negro world following the Civil War, Williamson shows that the mixed-race Southerner was "new" not only in terms of his mixed black-and-white ancestry but also in terms of his mixed cultural heritage--and, given that he was neither a poor freedman nor a legitimate heir to the plantation class, his middle-class economic status.
And she leafed through the tattered black-and-white photos of the high school sweethearts at a sock hop, a fancy dinner and a Sadie Hawkins dance.
It comes in black-and-white -- MST, and blue-and-white -- BST, transmissive mode.