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Synonyms for black-and-white

not having or not capable of producing colors

of a situation that is sharply divided into mutually exclusive categories

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Berkman says not only has he had more requests for weddings shot in black and white, but he also has customers asking that family photos originally shot in color be reshot in black-and-white and enlarged for wall groupings.
I know it's a contradiction, but black-and-white photography is visually striking yet harks back to the past and helps quiet ourselves,'' says Carol Jacobs of the Newman/Jacobs Interior Design firm in Valley Village.
And she leafed through the tattered black-and-white photos of the high school sweethearts at a sock hop, a fancy dinner and a Sadie Hawkins dance.
Shot in deliberately cruddy-looking Super-8 black-and-white, "Automatons" revels in its own lack of production values--epic battles between warring robots obviously are shot with tiny tinker-toys, and dialogue dubbing is purposefully inept.
Black-and-white pre-titles sequence, set in the idyllic, post-war rural town of Nasu, finds the Inugami family gathered round the deathbed of pharmaceutical exec and ruthless patriarch Sahei Inugami (Tatsuya Nakadai).