black wattle

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Australian tree that yields tanning materials

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have allowed Black Wattle to achieve substantial price increases for 2004.
Managing Director Black Wattle Colliery 3 Robert Corry Chairman Black
Because of all these opportunities, the prospects for Black Wattle have never
quality coal, which we are currently mining at Black Wattle, has
higher quality coal, Black Wattle will be looking at accessing higher
source production from various opencast pits has allowed Black Wattle to
that they have joined us as a partner in Black Wattle.
Black Wattle is a fully operational opencast mine with strong
The challenging environment experienced by Black Wattle in the first
that its principal South African subsidiary, Black Wattle Colliery
Black Wattle, Bisichi's direct coal mining operation in
6million relating to the closure of the remaining underground mining sections at Black Wattle Colliery
by Black Wattle Colliery ('Black Wattle'), our direct coal
utilities or transported to Black Wattle where it will be washed and
They train at Black Wattle Bay three times a week, including Saturday mornings--and are a very mixed bunch.