black walnut

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North American walnut tree with hard dark wood and edible nut

American walnut having a very hard and thick woody shell

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Persistence of the walnut twig beetle in black walnut logs as influenced by chemical and cultural treatments.
Early Americans soon realized that the Native American black walnut was just a bit different from its Eurasian relative.
American black walnut is, to many, a national treasure-Author Albert Constantine Jr.
The black walnut tree on Madison Street, next to Gray's Garden Center on West Sixth Avenue, carried the first confirmed case of thousand cankers disease in Eugene, an untreatable and terminal illness that has now struck black walnut trees in eight Western states.
The collaborative project of noted cookbook author Andrea Chesman and culinary arts instructor Fran Raboff (herself the co-author of several successful cookbooks), "250 Treasured Country Desserts" truly lives up to its extended title with such culinary delights as Rich Chocolate Crinkles; Black Walnut Cake; Coconut Cream Pie; Charlotte Russe with Strawberry Sauce; Lime Sorbet; and 245 more 'kitchen cook friendly' traditional desserts.
Since 1906 the National Arts Club has been housed in a 1840s modified building which is replete with black walnut woodwork, stained glass and period furnishings.
Fortunately, I had an emergency homeopathic with me, which helped with acute symptoms, and I took that along with a detox extract combining quassia herb, wormwood, and black walnut hulls, along with a dose of grapefruit seed extract.
2 -- 3) Sculptor Linda Elders is in her home studio, above left, with ``Paradox,'' a woman sculpted in mahogany and black walnut.
Inviting kitchens are equipped with limestone countertops, black walnut central peninsulas, along with Viking stainless steel appliances and quality Kohler plumbing fixtures and fittings.
They are made from American Black Walnut, sharply-checkered in the correct diamond pattern and finished with linseed oil.
There are tinted rear lights and chrome-trimmed door handles, a leather steering wheel and gear selector, electronically-adjustable sports seats, and light birch or black walnut for the facia trims.
5-inch barrel with deep-cut Ballard-type rifling, American black walnut pistol grip stock with fluted comb, ventilated recoil pad, swivel studs and adjustable semi-buckhorn folding rear and ramp front sights.
All are hand-carved from sustainable British hardwoods - wild cherry, sugar maple, white oak or black walnut - and operate like a giant pair of chopsticks cantilevered at the top.
The Rigby-style stock is made of black walnut (curly maple is optional), and the octagonal barrel is 28 inches long and sports fixed V sight; Ashley ghost ring and fiber optic sights are optional.
Knob Hill is available in seven warm colorations: Silver, Coconut, Oasis, Golden Oak, Black Walnut, Homespun and the award-winning Onyx.