black vomit

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caused by a flavivirus transmitted by a mosquito

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Just as black vomit, yellow fever's telltale symptom, threatens the sovereignty of the white body, and the enslaved black masses threaten the sovereignty of white Southerners, Lucy threatens the reproduction of whiteness with her almost undetectable amount of black blood.
At first, we didn't worry because Tim had gastroenteritis and we assumed Louis had the same thing, but by morning, Louis's tummy had gone rock hard and he was throwing up black vomit.
Like red death, yellow fever causes high body temperatures; body ache; damage to capillaries, which can result in bleeding from the nose and mouth; stools stained dark with blood; and (the most dreaded symptom) copious black vomit caused by gastric bleeding.
The other GP, Dr Mohammed Haque, seemed more concerned that Marc's black vomit would stain his suit, according to the boy's father.
Into the ostensibly safe aesthetic realm of poetry, he smuggles images of the ugly, the revolting, the anti-aesthetic: the black vomit of a starving woman, pestilence and disease, graphic reference to body parts violently severed in a massacre.