black spruce

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small spruce of boggy areas of northeastern North America having spreading branches with dense foliage

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2015) used UMR to study water states and water content of black spruce (Picea mariana Mill.
Lowland bogs were dominated by black spruce and larch (Larix laricina), with less commonly white cedar (Thuja occidentalis) and bog birch (B.
As a transition zone, the FT zone was very heterogeneous with the highest mean cover of evergreen and deciduous species in the shrub layer; of particular note are the high shrub cover values of black spruce krummholz and Arctic dwarf birch, northern bilberry, and Labrador tea in FT-4 (Fig.
5 million ha of largely black spruce dominated boreal forest, as well as part of the Alaska Range alpine ecosystem.
Many iconic tree species such as paper birch, quaking aspen, balsam fir and black spruce are projected to shift out of the United States into Canada.
Eighty-degree temperatures didn't help get cows or bulls moving from the cool, impenetrable morass of shady black spruce, balsam fir, birch and alder swamps.
Q: I have some black spruce that are about 10 feet tall.
Here, black spruce seedlings need a century to grow a foot, and toilet paper takes two years to biodegrade.
One of the disciplines we embraced involved our mandatory pilgrimage to a large black spruce stump that had been hit by lightning.
of New Brunswick, Canada) covers the 12 most common species indigenous to North America (balsam fir, eastern hemlock, tamarack larch, eastern white pine, jack pine, pitch pine, red pine, black spruce, red spruce, white spruce, eastern juniper, and eastern thuja), follows the life cycle of the tree, from seed to sapling, and compares genera and species at each stage.
Dense groves of black spruce overshadow the busy streets of Toronto, Montreal, and New York through much of Joseph Boyden's second novel.
The 2008 Scotiabank Giller Prize has been won by Joseph Boyden for his second novel entitled Through Black Spruce.
The big bull caribou I thought I'd arrowed was migrating his way out of my life while a smaller bull teetered on shaky legs in a stand of black spruce near the lake edge.
Chiseled from black spruce on the shore, a small clearing lined with white canvas wall tents embraced a circular pole corral.