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any of several fungous diseases of plants that produce small black spots on the plant

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There were two round, black spots near one extremity of the back, and a long one near the other.
But you won't peach unless they get the black spot on me, or unless you see that Black Dog again or a seafaring man with one leg, Jim--him above all.
But there may be such a thing as a very dark well in the Horner Country, which is a black spot on the face of the earth.
The sentries drew close together, watching the black spot from which the voice seemed to come.
His attention was arrested by a strange black spot that moved over them.
The sunken cheeks were rendered yet more ghastly by the rows of glistening teeth which protruded from between the lips, while the sockets of the eyes--filled with oval bits of mother-of-pearl shell, with a black spot in the centre--heightened the hideousness of its aspect.
And that was how I came to enlist, which was a black spot upon my character at the best of times, and would still be a sore job for me if I fell among the red-coats.
And the brougham, behind which he was now running, was no more than a black spot on the white road.
Contract notice for Technical and administrative assistance for the removal of black spots from railway noise by faade insulation
I have some black spots on my tongue which are bothering me a lot.
There are numerous sharp bends, trading centres with no pedestrian crossings, market centres where hawkers literally encroach onto the road, black spots, sections of highways with vegetation limiting motorists' vision.
We are now getting black spots on the ceiling which are getting worse.
Black spots are appearing on the ceiling of our windowless bathroom.
YOY GSB morph through pigmentation phases where patterns of black spots unique to individual fish appear against the fish's lighter background.
Summary: Health authority discovers yellow and black spots on two batches of dietary supplements