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Second, it's an excellent fit with our black silicon technology.
Caption: Nanoscale spikes etched into black silicon (scanning electron microscope image, left; three-dimensional reconstruction, right) mimic nanostructures that are found on dragonfly wings.
For snagging and off-hand grinding, a 50-50 blend of 14-grit black silicon carbide and aluminum oxide in a resinoid-bonded wheel provides a good balance between material removal rate and wheel life.
Industry interest in devices made from black silicon is very encouraging, and Dr.
Black silicon carbide is majorly used in steel manufacturing to increase outputs of steel and recycled steel.
Harvard Spinout Obtains Exclusive Rights to University's Portfolio of Black Silicon Patents, Aims to Revolutionize Photonics
Multiple Fashionable Colors Petbit comes with a black silicon clip that holds the device secure on the collar of the pet.
Our customers will be able to integrate our proprietary laser, black silicon, germanium quantum dot, all-back contact and all-low-temperature technologies into their production lines.
Flood as a "very high-powered event," he presented Natcore's work on black silicon and quantum dot solar cells.
The next steps in the development will be to add Natcore's black silicon antireflection control technology to the front of the cell.
Clients would also gain exclusive access, on a geographical basis, to Natcore's newest technologies C including black silicon, laser-processing and rear contact technology C as they come on line.
Funds generated from the financing will be used for the continued optimization of products close to commercialization such as Natcore's development of black silicon solar cells and backside laser contact solar cell products.
Newest innovation to marry black silicon and laser technologies.
PK) has filed for patent protection for key elements of its revolutionary new black silicon production process.
Black panels are not only more attractive C they are also made of black silicon and are monocrystalline, which means that they have a higher peak efficiency and power output than the common polycrystalline solar panels