black sage

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an aromatic plant with wooly leaves found in southern California and Mexico

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The Rundown'' hired national environmental services firm AMEC to plant 360 shrubs, including mule fat, narrow-leaf willow and black sage.
Along the 2 1/2-mile round-trip trail, we found prolific growths of black sage, cliff spurge, chamise, coastal sagebrush, California encelia and Indian paintbrush, many of the plants exhibiting tiny blooms in late winter.
En route, massive fields of black sage anchor the landscape; the trail contours along the ridge's northern exposure, which is largely shaded and at points covered with another layering of ferns.
Hikers will spot ceanothus, mountain mahogany, yucca, California lilac, manzanita, black sage, holly-leaf cherry, sumac, chamise, serviceberry, lemonade berry, Christmas berry, wild buckwheat, sticky-leaf monkey flower, popcorn flower, woolly blue curls, dudleya, owl's clover, blue-eyed grass, ferns and a shady grove of bays, oaks and sycamores.
You'll also find blue-eyed grass, monkey flowers, Indian paintbrush, bush poppies, milkmaids, California poppies, sea dahlias, black sage, phacelia, sand verbena, beach suncups, deerweed, bush sunflowers, wild cucumbers and more.
During the hike, Hoffman pointed out several fragrant plants: the yerba santa - ``We have someone here who makes tea out of it,'' he said; black sage, which local Indian tribes used as an herb; buckwheat, which they ground up; and California sage, nicknamed ``cowboy cologne'' because wranglers found it made them smell a little better after long, dusty trail rides.