black rhinoceros

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African rhino

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He was arrested in March 2014 after he flew from Vancouver, Canada, to New York City and bought two endangered black rhinoceros horns from undercover special agents with the U.
A black rhinoceros in Africa--another rapidly disappearing species of rhino.
The current status of the black rhinoceros in Africa is:
In 1997, when Yemen signed the CITES agreement, wildlife trade monitoring network also known as TRAFFIC found that only 2,400 black rhinoceros and 7,562 white rhinoceros remained in the African wild from a total of 70,000 rhinoceros in 1970.
A baby Eastern Black Rhinoceros was born to the zoo's herd.
This paper brings together the references that directly indicate a problem between lions and rhinos, identifies the indications of lion predation, adds new information and considers the effect of lion predation on one population of African black rhinoceros.
RARITY Chester Zoo's new baby black rhinoceros with mother Kitani.
Despite its hefty weight, a black rhinoceros is very agile and can gallop at 30mph A'Meme' is a fad that spreads quickly through the internet A Hong Kong man had to call police after getting stuck on a park bench he had apparently tried to have sex with.
THE LATEST VICTIM OF THE imploding Mugabe regime isn't some unlucky farmer or miner, reports the AngolaPress news agency (May 5); it's the critically endangered black rhinoceros, a species thought to number fewer than 4,000.
The illiterate trackers who carried out the first project, a detailed study of the black rhinoceros, were able to publish their findings in a respected scientific journal with the aid of Mr Liebenberg and Mr Steventon.
On a global scale, they pointed to the success of nature reserves around the world: In South Africa at the turn of the 20th century, the land that later became the Kruger National Park was home to less than a dozen elephants, only three black rhinoceros, a locally extinct population of the white rhinoceros, and a degraded landscape.
Just north of it lies the Ugab River Wilderness Area which is home to specially-adapted desert elephants, giraffe, mountain zebra and the world's largest population of free-roaming black rhinoceros.
Zoo director Prof Gordon McGregor Reid said: ``The black rhinoceros has been at the very brink of extinction.
From 1997 to 2000, Mycobacterium tuberculosis was diagnosed in two Asian elephants (Elephas maximus), three Rocky Mountain goats (Oreamnos americanus), and one black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) in the Los Angeles Zoo.