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common household pest originally from Asia that has spread worldwide

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Background: Predation by the black rat (Rattus rattus) is threatening the world s largest population of Mediterranean Shearwaters (Puffinus yelkouan) 9 991 to 13 424 pairs out of a global population of 15 337 to 30 519 pairs.
Neville's Island, by Tim Firth - who wrote Calendar Girls and The Wedding Video - is performed by Black Rat Productions.
Other regulars are Cheddar Valley Cider and Black Rat Cider.
You'll notice no-one's talking about reintroducing the black rat.
Ireland is home to two different breeds of rat: the common brown rat, and the much rarer black rat.
The role of the black rat in the spread of bubonic plague is grossly exaggerated he says as the flea that carries the disease can come from any number of animals.
The black rat, or rattus rattus, is best known for spreading the Black Death.
Last fall, during Phase I of the National Park Service (NPS) program to shower Anacapa Island with the highly toxic poison brodifacoum to eradicate the black rat, every single Anacapa deer mouse on the East Islet -- an estimated 11,000 or one quarter of the world population -- was also eradicated.
Corroborative evidence from the vertebrate remains can be found in the form of remains of black rat (Rattus rattus Linnaeus), the few bones recovered from the waterfront deposits adding to the corpus of Roman records from London and York (O'Connor 1991; Rackham 1979; 1980).
I knew the idea of a one-man show based on the life of Ray was a good one," says the actor, who has appeared in Black RAT Theatre's productions of Bedroom Farce and Boeing Boeing.
ALAN Ayckbourn's Bedroom Farce will be brought to the stage by Black RAT productions this autumn.
Java isolates from animals in or near local government area, Australia, 1998-2009 * Species Year Reason for collection Bandicoot ([dagger]) 1998 Opportunistic screening Dog ([double dagger]) 2001 Unclear Black duck 2008 Near contaminated playground Black rat 2008 Trapped in contaminated playground Bandicoot 2008 Trapped in contaminated playground Brushtail possum 2009 Trapped in state park Bandicoot 2009 Trapped in state parks Bandicoot 2008-2009 Wildlife rescue Bandicoot 2009 Trapped in yard of a case- patient Bandicoot ([section]) 2009 Wildlife rescue No.
Today it's your chance to win our last piece of kit - a Black Rat drum kit
As every schoolchild knows the Black Rat was responsible for the Black Death (or its fleas were), which killed half the population of Europe.
She said: ``The only rat around at the time was the black rat which had a homing range of 100 yards.