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a black sausage containing pig's blood and other ingredients

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A BUTCHER who got stuck in a freezer managed to batter his way out - using a black pudding.
A BUTCHER facing death after getting locked in a freezer saved his own life by smashing his way out - with a frozen black pudding.
At the time an average of 10 black puddings were sold every minute in the supermarket's branches.
BLACK pudding for breakfast is surely one of life's minor pleasures.
The sumptuous starter of scallops with black pudding and butternut squash puree is all about letting quality ingredients speak for themselves, so buy the best your budget will allow.
But, luckily, not everyone shares this view and the delectable black pudding regularly defies its critics by appearing on the menus of top restaurants all over the country - not least The Side Door.
The handmade black puddings are available at farmers' markets in Fishguard and Haverfordwest, served up at local hotels and also sold in Bristol and London.
Founder and director Debbie Pierce created the company after sales of black puddings from her market stall soared.
Since going on sale for just 99p, an average of 10 black puddings have been sold every minute in Lidl stores.
Environmental health officers in Lancashire and Greater Manchester have expressed concern relating to the storage and display of black puddings and have observed that some retailers handle them as a raw product and others as a cooked product.
TV's Goodies used black puddings as weapons in classic 1975 sketch The Battle of Ecky Thump, which took the mickey out of the 70s kung-fu craze.
4World 4 Co Lan wr tar set o Black Pudding Throwing Championship: Competitors get to chuck three Lancashire black puddings, wrapped in ladies' tights, at a target of 12 Yorkshire puddings set on a 30ft plinth.
Pungent, rich and delicious, Bumpylane Rare Breeds Welsh Organic Black Puddings, hand-made on a farm at Druidston, are the first in Britain.
It was held at the Royal Oak pub in Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester, with more than 300 people taking part Contestants threw black puddings at a stack of Yorkshire puddings 20ft off the ground in a bid to knock off more than their opponents.
The new pounds 10million film will tell how a crime syndicate beat tough food import regulations to sell bootleg black puddings in America.