black pudding

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a black sausage containing pig's blood and other ingredients

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Place the bread in the centre of the plate, top with the black pudding, then the poached eggs.
A couple of final things - try to buy undyed smoked haddock and not the bright yellow stuff and go for a good quality black pudding.
Ellis Morphet, owner of Pork Traders, said: "We make the black pudding to the same family recipe my grandfather used in the 1940s.
Not since I spent my summer holidays at my gran's house in the sleepy village of Brynmenyn have I tasted a really good black pudding, often with what is nowadays called an "organic" fried egg on top.
As well as success with the pork, pear and black pudding sausage, the company picked up six gold awards for its sausages, including its traditional pork sausage and pork, Stilton and asparagus sausage.
Of the new creation, he added: "I got the idea for the sausage at a restaurant when I had black pudding topped with pear chutney for a starter.
Remove the scallops and black pudding from the pan, place on top of the Colcannon and keep warm.
But, luckily, not everyone shares this view and the delectable black pudding regularly defies its critics by appearing on the menus of top restaurants all over the country - not least The Side Door.
The political heavyweight has vowed to cut down on his favourite Stornoway black pudding, bingeing on late-night curries and guzzling Lucozade.
FOO FIGHTERS lead singer DAVE GROHL can't wait to get some black pudding when he arrives in Ireland tomorrow to prepare for the group's appearance at Slane.
Warmed Salad of Black Pudding, Caramelised Apple and Poached Egg INGREDIENTS:
A weekend fry-up may not be very healthy but the black pudding part of it is.
It's what's in it that freaks me out a bit but my dad really likes black pudding.
BUTTERNUT SQUASH RISOTTO WITH BLACK PUDDING BEIGNETS DOREEN BLACKPUDDING BEIGNETS INGREDIENTS: 150g of Doreen black pudding cut into dice shaped squares 100g of plain flour 100g white breadcrumbs 1 egg beaten METHOD Coat the black pudding with the flour then with the egg and finally with the breadcrumbs deep fry at 160oc for 5 minutes or until golden brown