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Elisabeth Langton, arborist for Countryside, Parks and Open Spaces Development, said: "The species is becoming a bit scarce so we are trying to hang on to what we have and try to get more of the black poplars into Middlesbrough.
Pupils from Acklington C of E School with their black poplar tree Jed Wee
The Black Poplar is a wonderful, wonderful tree and it makes a huge impact on the landscape, as it has on our heritage.
This has led to a drop in numbers - with the black poplar in the North-east now perilously scarce.
Explore the history and local significance of Black Poplar trees and see a dozen new trees planted in the park.
Once relatively prolific, lining riversides and flourishing in wet landscapes, immortalised in the paintings of John Constable, the Black Poplar is now Britain's rarest native tree with only around 6,000 mature examples still standing, of which barely 300 are the female essential for regeneration.
The night cream works to replenish nutrients leaving the skin "awakened, rested and renewed with ingredients of Prickly Pear, Lotus Flower and Black Poplar Bud.
A council spokesman said: ``We will make management suggestions that aim to protect individual species and habitats such as the otter,barn owl and black poplar.
In the first edition, there is an update on the Black Poplar project in Darlington, details about an archaeology site near Dormanstown and information about Lingfield Farm Countryside Centre, Middlesbrough.
In the woodland are mature ash, alder, chestnut, elm, holly and silver birch, a hazel grove and rare black poplar.
Black poplar trees saved from the chop by their rarity
Mr Geoff Taylor, of Barston Road, who is Labour prospective candidate for Oldbury ward in the forthcoming Sandwell Council elections, is backing local residents in the fight to retain two rare black poplar trees.
As the tree was bare of foliage, identification was difficult,but on inspecting the shallow carpet of fallen leaves, we came to the conclusion that the tree was a Black Poplar,confirming this on our arrival back home, when comparing a leaf with those pictured in a field guide.
A PROJECT aimed at saving one of Britain's rarest native trees, the Black Poplar, has been launched in Denbighshire, where around 100 of the trees still remain, most of them in the Vale of Clwyd.
Trevor and Jackie Davies, of Chapelhill Road, Moreton, are calling in the Local Government Ombudsman amid claims that a neighbour's new games room has caused irreparable damage to their black poplar tree.