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On a medicine walk Steve pointed out black poplar buds used in a paste to close wounds, maple saplings for wigwams, iron wood for cough syrup and bows, cedar leaves for tea, balsam gum for mouth sores and moss for nappies.
Key words: Black poplar genotypes, soil water deficits, recovery, morpho-physiological parameters, biochemical parameters.
For a long time I have had tremendous respect and regard for a pair of beautiful black poplars that lean rather majestically over the river Usk next to Crickhowell Bridge but it's only recently I've learned just how rare they are.
The far larger blocks of black poplar need the outer wood cracked off the heart wood.
For example, tree buds and black poplar pods were picked as soon as they appeared in spring to maximize their healing powers.
I placed the stand among three big black poplar trees that, with their thick trunks and generous foliage, would provide good cover.
Tree Doctor: I have an old Lombardy black poplar tree in my yard.
He was probably motivated by the succession of green, yellow, and ocher tones of oak, ash, maple, and black poplar trees in the Dolomite Moun-tains of the Venetian and Lombard regions, next to the blue waters of Lake Garda: a symphony of chromatic chords and harmonies, composed with simple chemical notes of chlorophyll, anthocyanin, and carotene.
A European species, black poplar has gained popularity in the United States as a veneer, available in both plain or fancy grain patterns.
Ian Sturrock, an orchardist who has worked to save the Bardsey Apple, was also at the demonstration to stress the importance of the black poplar trees on the site.
The black poplar in the grounds of Acklington CofE First School was one of 10 shortlisted in the Woodland Trust's Tree of the Year competition.
Surrounding area designated for investments covered with sparse trees such as alder, black poplar, willow, bird cherry, pear, hawthorn, maple, ash, elderberry, wild rose and blackberry.
A Black poplar B Yew C Black rosewood D Ebony QUESTION 10 - for 10 points: Which historical figure was known as 'the little corporal'?
The Black Poplar is scarcer than the giant panda but 14 previously unknown trees, each about 150 years old, have been identified in the hedgerow alongside the A525 Denbigh to Ruthin road near the village of Rhewl.