black pine

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large Japanese ornamental having long needles in bunches of 2

tall symmetrical pine of western North America having long blue-green needles in bunches of 3 and elongated cones on spreading somewhat pendulous branches

large two-needled timber pine of southeastern Europe

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Black Pine also produced fewer ounces than the same period last year because of lower grades.
This Belt, where our Sunshine and Black Pine Projects are located, contains one of the largest known reserves of cobalt in the United States.
Outside, couples and children, college students and retirees strolled down paths shaded by ginko trees and black pine, or spied on egrets and blue heron perched on plush, green islands.
The project encompasses the historic Black Pine Mining District and surrounding exploration ground, which was the site of small scale gold and base metal mining beginning in 1915.
BLACK PINE Production: Gold (ounces) 23,800 10,225 52,546 17,979 Silver (ounces) 17,576 9,764 32,833 17,714 Cash cost of production (1) $238 $615 $241 $496 Royalty per ounce $23 $22 $21 $23 Total cost of production (2) $296 $722 $294 $605 Ore tons mined (000's) 1,966 1,813 3,704 2,859
Contract awarded for Black pine elementary school computer education providers selected private participation
Hinoki, a shapely tree with an open, spreading habit, is best adapted to low elevations of the Northwest and northern California; gardeners in warmer climates can achieve similar effects with Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis), Japanese black pine (P.
At Black Pine, the Company expects to produce 65,000 ounces of gold in 1996 due to mining lower grade material.
ToSE/VcSE: FCO) is pleased to provide drill results from the 1995 drill program on its 100 percent-owned Black Pine property located in Lemhi County, Idaho.
Ornamental trees are Japanese black pine, Mediteranean fan palms, Ficus benjamina, arborvitae, and deodar cedar.
A further portion of the proceeds will be used to advance the Company's efforts with respect to the Black Pine project.
During the third quarter, increased gold production at Florida Canyon resulting from process system upgrades was offset by lower gold production at Zortman because of the planned cessation of mining and at Black Pine due to lower ore grade.
If it grows slowly and to modest size, like a Korean fir or Austrian black pine, it might work well in your garden.
Simple paths and bridges wend around ponds and azaleas, camellias and day lilies, while egrets perch on black pine trees.
We are particularly pleased that Florida Canyon, Black Pine, and Mt.