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perennial of Europe and North Africa

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Similarly, black pea is weeded only once before irrigating.
This is because of the relatively higher forage production in black pea (considerable forage is lost due to trampling during green pea harvest).
It didn't seem to match the menu description of red peas, black peas, cucumber slices and sweet peppers.
My favourite was always black peas - or which my mother called parched peas.
There are even stripy courgettes (Sunstripe) and black peas (Mange Tout Shiraz) to encourage you to grow your own.
Price of Black peas, which is also one of the favourite items of Ramazan, surged to Rs 55 per kilogramme to Rs 58 per kilogramme in the wholesale markets, these were earlier sold at Rs 50 to Rs 52 per kilogramme.
Warmer temperatures have the fish moving into the shallows in search of food, with floating lines teamed with Black Peas, Montanas, Black Buzzers and Red Tag Stick Flies working well.
Because alongside the shining beer pumps, Sylvia Wood, the bar manager, serves steaming portions of black peas (they are brown really) laced with pepper and vinegar.
BEANS, NUTS, AND SEEDS: Black peas (93), chickpeas (90), lima beans (73), navy beans (61), lentils (57), kidney beans (56), split peas (51), black-eyed peas (49), soybeans (46), tofu (31).
Wholesale price of black peas, which was available to buyers at Rs 56 per kg is fixed at Rs 50 per kg by the city government.
The items with no change in their average prices included some pulses and rice, black peas, basen, sugar and onion.
Black peas (kala channa) price remained unchanged and is currently available at Rs 50 to Rs 52 in the retail markets, similarly, rates of quality white pea (kabli channa) continue to hover around Rs 80 to Rs 85 per kilogramme in the retail markets.