black out

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  • verb

Synonyms for black out

obliterate or extinguish

darken completely


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suppress by censorship as for political reasons

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lose consciousness due to a sudden trauma, for example

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They may also develop physical signs of harm such as headaches, upset stomachs, anxiety attacks and even black outs and fits totally brought on by the stress of being bullied.
POWER black outs and energy crisis in the country are being exploited by the pronuclear lobby to push for atomic power regardless of issues related to safety, environment and cost, anti- nuclear experts have said.
The Llandudno hearing was told how Norwich City FC fan Mark, who had previously suffered several black outs, was having a kickabout with friends in Glan Conwy on Thursday February 24.
Describing symptoms of "headaches, black outs, losing balance and mood swings" that could be down to the amount of alcohol he drinks, there's another explanation.
Hariri addressed the suffering of the average Lebanese citizen, especially with the increasing hours of electric black outs, promising that the government was studying numerous projects to be implemented in the near future, which assure to make life easier in Lebanon.
The Authority said cleaning their insulators was a regular part of their maintenance scheme, contributing to a reduction of possible faults that could provoke black outs.