black oak

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medium to large deciduous timber tree of the eastern United States and southeastern Canada having dark outer bark and yellow inner bark used for tanning

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AndMark, led by Mark Mosch, paid a little more than $3 million for the 102-unit complex, which is located at 608 Black Oak Ave.
the Black Oak Getty wind farm will generate enough renewable power for approximately 30,000 Minnesota homes.
Black Oak Getty is a 78-megawatt (“MW”) wind project spread across approximately 12,000 acres in Stearns County, Minnesota.
It has since grown to include the creation and/or acquisition of Black Oak Grill, Cantina Laredo, Cool River Cafe, Good Eats, Lucky's, Silver Fox and III Forks Steakhouse brands.
The parcel is on the west side of Harrington Way and contains forest, open uplands and granite ledge and constitutes a black oak savannah habitat.
When my memoir, Intimate Politics, was published and the controversy about my father became public, Bob came to the reading I did at Black Oak in Berkeley, queried with gentle words, and supported me with all the power of the warrior he was.
A joint venture between affiliates of Black Oak Associates and MCB Real Estate, LLC purchased the Belleville property free and clear of debt.
Glenz currently is the PGA director of golf at Black Oak Golf Club in Long Valley, N.
Within a matter of months, approximately 59,000 acres of farms and orchards, homesteads and hovels just south of the Black Oak Ridge hosted immense construction sites that became the home of supersecret facilities used to enrich uranium for the Manhattan Project.
The bed, with a stained black oak frame, is also available in a Sled Slim version, without the rear shelf, that is adaptable to the wall.
Planks cut from the Fenland Black Oak, or bog oak trunk will be dried over seven months in a specialist kiln.
Non-native Scotch pines and shrubs will be burned to improve the black oak ecosystem.
The modern aesthetic of the Contemporary Lounge allows for a seamless design that can be transformed by any colour you choose; from a striking retro Olive hue mixed with black oak to a more subtle cream tone combined with a pale oak.
Also on the show were Black Oak Arkansas, Jim Croce, John Sebastian and Lee Michaels.
Statistical analysis indicated that the bulk density for water oak was significantly lower than the bulk densities for southern red oak, northern red oak, and black oak.