black mulberry

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European mulberry having dark foliage and fruit

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One of the natural herbs that act as an antibacterial agent is black mulberry (Morus nigra) because of its high content of phenolic compounds as compared to other plants of genus Morus.
Effects of heating method and conditions on the quality attributes of black mulberry (Morus nigra) juice concentrate.
2004) Morphological and agronomical characterization of native black mulberry (Morus nigra L.
The black mulberry, the most common species, is a native of western Asia that spread westward in cultivation at an early period.
Bunton, 35, looked a picture of elegance dressed in a black fur-trimmed coat and patent black Mulberry bag as she was spotted leaving the London Studios with son Beau Lee and fiance Jade Jones.
I have a black mulberry tree, 10 years old and 3m (10ft) tall, which does not seem happy in its container.
Label of Love - Limited edition Casio EX-Z40 with black Mulberry case - pounds 279.
The other Maryland heavyweights with national standing are a 349-point black mulberry (Morus nigra) in Westminster that bests Besley's old nomination by more than 100 points, and a newly crowned chestnut oak with a girth of nearly 23 feet.
Based on the research of Larry Santoyo, a ``food forest orchard'' of this kind might consist of ecologically compatible - and Valley compatible - species such as apple, Asian pear, walnut and black mulberry trees; silverberry (Elaeagnus) shrubs; golden currants (Ribes aureum), strawberries, mushrooms, carrots and dill; and nasturtium and marigolds.
Transparent patches containing glycolic acid, salicylic acid and black mulberry to heal spots and prevent scarring
Foods prohibiting the production of semen include lettuce, melon, black mulberry, and cucumber (58).
The woods used are those of pine, cedar, walnut, horse chestnut and wild black mulberry.
Limited edition Casio EX-Z40 with black Mulberry case pounds 279 (John Lewis 08456 049 049)A PERFECT gift for the fashion conscious female as this package is strictly limited to 500 pieces, which of course is well worth pointing out when you hand it over.
Look for evergreens from lands afar - the incense cedar and western red cedar, a stand of giant redwoods, deciduous trees including the black mulberry, Swedish whitebeam and the rare wheatley elm.