black morel

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a morel whose pitted fertile body is attached to the stalk with little free skirt around it

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Of the three major species, black morels are the earliest to fruit.
With dishes featuring Puy green lentils and black morels, Regis Marcon brilliantly concocts tempting seasonal dishes with the best French produce.
Stewed green lentils with shrimp, braised shoulder of lamb with figs and free-range chicken with black morels are just some of the dishes customers will be able to discover with the chef.
Murakami); in fact, one could visit his exhibitions with an Audubon field guide and recognize most of the species (Cordyceps sinensis, black morels, giant puffballs, innumerable Amanitas) with minimal effort.
Small, black morels seem to favor proximity to evergreens, aspens and birches, while the larger yellow morels and white morels tend to grow in old orchards and meadows and near poplars, oaks, elms, beeches and maples.
The chanterelles, as well as the black morels and pine mushrooms Northern Lights sells, are certified organic by Quality Assurance International.