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The black membranes were prepared by briefly soaking Anopore membranes in a solution of 50 mg/L palladium(II) chloride in acetone and allowing them to air dry.
Untitled (Herm) is a clunky asteroid of foam, plaster, fiberglass, paint, and resin frozen midmetamorphosis from zygotic blob into a Darth Vader head shrouded in a glassy black membrane whose abjectness affects alien amniotic goo or precum.
Features of the Support Center include: high-efficiency, low-energy lighting using T-4 light bulbs; special roof membrane - white, rather than black membrane helps reflect heat and sun to reduce cooling costs; high efficiency heat pumps provide cooling in summer and heating in winter; tinted, low-E windows; low-VOC paint; along with furniture & carpeting that meets LEED certification standards.
3 Roll out E-Coustifloor ensuring the black membrane is face down.
Similar results have been reported by Wilkins and Kearney in a study that deposited DNA onto black membranes and then stained the membranes with ethidium bromide (11).